Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Christina and Rigo's Love Story

In 1994 Christina and Rigo met in high school through mutual friends. For the next 7 years they would see each other in the community while their children played football together and shared an occasional conversation. But basically ignored each other.
In 2002 while enjoying an evening out, Rigo got Christina attention by winking at her, so eventually she winked back. Then began their great friendship. After a time of enjoying each others company more and more and quietly dating, they decided to spend more time with their children together. They were inseparable and wanted to see where their relationship would lead with the whole family involved. This lead to becoming parents to their little love child, Aidan in 2006. From that time til now they have spent their live together - taking trips, bonding with the kids, transporting them between hundred of sporting events, healing broken bones, mending broken hearts, an endless number of ER visits and spending every moment together making a strong family.

Now after all these years, half of their children are grown, they have decided it is time to share their love with their closest family and friends .

"We invite you to join us for our wedding in the beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico September 2, 2017"
Christina and Rigo

Christina and Rigo Wedding Day

Christina and Rigo

Sharing their love and life together!
"Where there is love there is life"
Mahatma Gandhi

Wedding Day September 2, 2017
Wedding time 3:00 pm

 Come share the beginning of their love and lifetime commitment with each other in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Travel dates begin August 31, 2017 to September 5,2017
Place is Barcelo Riviera Maya Palace

We have set up flexible travel schedules so our guest can join us at their convenience. Please call our Travel specialist to get your accommodations set. Arrangements are set up as a group so that you can receive the best guaranteed prices, with low deposits and a payment plan available.

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